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The Plot
The ho'hum feeling of life has overcome the chaotic style of living that was active around Earth after the larger-then-life battle with Lord Ender; Which revealed the existence of Shinigami, Hollows and even demons. The madness which had happened in Japan had spread like a virus all throughout the world. Luckily, though, before the insanity could even reach a high level; The Soul Society sent out many diplomatic figures throughout the world of the living.

Each of these diplomatic people were sent out to calm the public, work with local and national governments, stop riots from taking place and to stop any human from foolishly going after a shinigami, hollow or demon. Eventually, the world simply got use to the existence of these creatures and let their governments, along with the Gotei 13, handle these things. Of course their were a number of organizations who were against this and had their own dark agenda, but the Governments of the world would stop these people easily with the help of shinigami.

Yes, yes. The normal way of life would prevail eventually. The only difference now is that humans were more aware of their surroundings and more cautious of these beings.

But this is only temporary... There is still much evil yet to be unleashed on the world... There are still many battles to be fought, many people to be killed, many lifes to be forever changed. It may be peaceful for the moment, but all of this will soon change.

Kin Iramasha, founder and leader of the Kokuryuteshi, intends to start a war with the Soul Society. First, they will gather enough members in their army to fight against The Iramasha on Iramasha Island. Their forces will be great and in many numbers, that's when the Iramasha will upon the Gotei 13, The Suigara clan and the Karakura Defenders for assistance with this threat. That's when the mother of all brawls will happen upon Iramasha Island and throughout the Soul Society since the Gotei 13 believes Kin and his followers are too much of threat and need to die.

He also intends to convert everyone to his army either by force or a mass version of Chaos Soul; killing anyone resisting his will. After that, he intends to wipe out the Soul Society, Earth, Demon World and Hueco Mundo. Once that is completed he will have his armies rebuild the worlds in his own image.

But that's not the worse of it. He's also aiming to destroy other worlds, galaxies, universes and even Alternative Dimensions in order to spread his army even further and give everyone in power their own world.

He and Andrei, Commander of military Operations and Kin's right hand man, have also been experimenting on creating their own realms and planets as well just incase they have to destroy everything.

But Andrei simply wants to destroy everything, unlike Kin. Which is where problems will arise later on as well.

And that's not the only threat looming over the horizon for humanity...

Sensing the tension in the Soul Society, Demons will begin to strike Earth and Hueco Mundo. Hueco Mundo will be a secondary target due them needing more space to house their expanding race. However, the main reason they are invading Earth is to un-seal their King, Touketsu, from the body of Ketsu and free his pets; Oni Chiita, Kutogatshi annd many others selaed inside Ziamichi's.

However, there is a reason why he is still the king of demon world even though he is sealed. He's promised the Demons Immortal life after the eradication of all over beings on Earth. How would he do this? Well, he knows for certain that death has a physical body now and knows how to tap into that power.

There are TRILLIONS of souls just waiting to be free'd or used in the wrong way inside of this mother fucker. Although it isn't anything like a human, hollow, demon or any type of body we know.

And only Touketsu knows where it is sealed. Touketsu was also once apart of Death as well. He wanted to see what it was like to tap into that power thousands of years ago. ...and even he said it was too much for him to do. The agony, insaity and depersation of those souls were so intense it nearly drove him to insanity from their sheer will. He would have to come back when he was stronger.

From all sides, it seems Earth is racing towards a destation with death.

Which side will prevail?

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In The Thread, "Clash of Titants", there is currently a major threat of Radiation spreading throughout some of the Seireitei due to the on-going spar with 0 Division Member, Ceon Clixx, and Former Vice Captain of Kenpachi Zaraki and Biological Experimentation of KJ: Radioactive. There is also a major Category 5 Hurricane to be worried about as well forming from Ceon Clixx.

During the battle Radioactive used an attack he hadn't used in awhile. To sum it all up, it's basically a miniature nuclear explosion going on within the Gotei 13's boundaries.

It should also be noted Radioactive was used as a walking, breathing, fighting nuclear weapon during the war against the Quincies thanks to the mad scienteist, KJ Yunashi. Thanks to the modifications to his body he was able to help in the extermination of Quincies with the Gotei 13.

Will anyone be able stop these two from destroying everything for the sake of fun or will they eventually finish each other off? For now, if your not at least on 0 tier, it's better to stand back and watch this battle from afar. Anyone under 0 tier will be more prone to die if they enter this battlefield.

So you've been warned.

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 Jonathan Walker

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Name: Jonathan Walker

Gender: Male

Age: Real age: 24, looks: 18

The Host Race: Quincy

Personality: All Quincy are known for their pride, but Jonathan takes it to a whole new level. Overconfident, headstrong, kinda hot-blooded - he can be quick to anger if you make fun of the Quincy, him or his few friends who can actually live with his confidence. He likes to hang out, doing nearly nothing - or to hunt Hollows down. Maybe because of the past between Quincy and Shinigami, perhaps because of his experience with him - he doesn't like the black clothed dudes. No real hate, but a clear dislike.
Walker smokes, nearly always having some with him and even knowing to smoke during battles. After victory, or during his free time, he won't say no to a good, cold beer.

Appearance: Jonathan has pitch black, rather long hair with he keeps as a ponytail most of the time - he only lets them fall free when there is no chance of a fight. His eyes shine in a grey, almost silver, and he has some slight, also black, facial hairs around his chin. Most of the time, he is seen either grinning or dead serious, depending on the situation.
Another remarkable thing about the Quincy is his height. Towering at about 1,95 meters, he clearly outmatches most japanese men and women, but he has a rather slim figure, leading to a not really scary body build. Most of the time, he is seen wearing a white T-shirt with a celtic cross on the back, and two smaller celtic crosses on the shoulders. He wears normal blue jeans, but sometimes also black ones. Instead of normal shoes, he wears black leather boots.

Background/History: Being born in germany, as the pure-blooded son of two Quincy, he was under constand watch of the Shinigami for most of his life. Being able to see the outlines of spirits at the age of 5 marked his awakening to the Quincy-Bloodline, but a tragic event occoured: His father died in the fight against a Vasto Lorde. Before his departure to his last fight, however, he handed over a simple cruzifix to his son - a silver Quincy Cross.
After the sudden loss of his father, his mother fell ill from it and was hospitalized. Having no other relatives, the traumatized boy was send to an orphanage. Due to the trauma and stress, his powers sealed away themselves until the age of 10.
It was then that he and some other kids where attacked by a Hollow. Two of them where killed and eaten, the presence of the evil spirit awakened Jonathans power - and he shot the monster with his first spirit arrow.
Running away from the scene, still not knowing what he was, he somehow got back to his old, now abandonned home. Finding secret documents of his father, he finally discovered what he really was, what happened to his ancestors, and that these monsters where 'Hollow'. Living as a hidden Quincy, always dodging the eyes of the Shinigami while using his bow, he set off to Japan at the age of 13 to find other Quincy.

Ziamichi Spirit: Whenever she appears before him in his spirit, she is a huge, winged and white cat, thus leading to him naming the spirit Shironeko. The eyes of the being are burning red.
Just like a real cat, you never really know what she is thinking, and Jonathan isn't even sure till this day if she is a good or an evil spiritual being - or even a demon and not something that spawned out of his own subconsciousness.
Mostly liking to talk in riddles or a mysterious thone, she can get rather annoyed with real dumbasses - lucky for Jonathan that she doesn't consider him one. Shironeko changes her mood all three seconds, it seems, but generally cares about the well-being of her host.

Ziamichi History: Shironeko is, unlike some thoughts from her partner may be, not a spawn from his own soul. She was a purely black cat once... a nearly normal animal, but with spiritual awareness. This lead to her gaining real intelligence, but one day, a Hollow found and killed her. Her soul escaped, however, before she could be absorbed - and became Shironeko, a Ziamichi.
Searching for a body to take over or assist, each was fine with her, she found a young Quincy who clearly took on to many Hollow at once. Being near death, Shironeko entered his body to take over - but was surprised at how much willpower the boy had still left inside of him, and that she couldn't take him over. So instead, she lended her abilities. Nowadays, they are somewhat partners.

Ziamichi powers: Shironeko has cat-like agility, thus making her fast as hell, nearly impossible to miss a step and her spiritual claws are pretty sharp. Her ability is 'crafting of the dream', witch turns one imagination into reality in a spiritual battle. A host can't use this power to a great extend...

Unique Traits: Crafting of the Dream allows Jonathan to change the shape of his weapons into what he desires and can fuel with his spiritual power and the power he absorbs with his Quincy Powers. To be more precise, he changes his Spirit Bow into two handguns, witch absorb spirit particles and energy into them and shoot them out. Seele Schneider can be turned into a shield of vibrating spiritual energy, repelling many attacks that are made out of it. High concentrations, like Zanpaktou, can break the shield, making it impractical in melee combat.
Jonathan also gains cat-like dexterity - being able to recover from falls, almost never missing a step, and aiming capabilities are all increased while using the powers of Shironeko.

Forms: First Form: Shironeko turns into 2 black, old-school revolvers without many special powers.
Second Form: Instead of old revolvers, he now gets two rather modern-looking, big hand guns. Also, some spirit particles seemingly form some sort of cape on his back.
Third Form: Put away the peashooters, the big guns are now on. Each Handgun is now about 30 cm long, can fire blasts at rapid speeds and they are connected with chains to his arms and hands, making it possible to do real gunfire-dances and Melee fighting. The cape is now a tad bit longer. Also, red roses are now engraved into the metal of the lack guns, and some black rose petals are visible on the cape.
Final Form: Did I say big guns in the third form? Then, these are MASSIVE guns. Doubling their length into something that humans or Quincy should never be able to use, they are now completely white instead of black, with black roses on each side, engraved into the spiritual metal. Also, he now wears a mantle woven out of spirit particles (kinda like Shingami Clothing is made out of it, so no sparkling and stuff), also in white with black and red roses and thorns ornamented into it. The long hair is gone and now a short, white hairstyle is where they once where, with some black stripes remaining. Instead of spirit metal chains, now there are actual spiritual bands holding the guns for extra stability. The final and also rather big addition is that the cape is gone, but now, two blinding white wings are on the back of the Quincy, enabling him to absorb way more spirit energy than ever before, and move at higher speeds!
Once Jonathan gains a new form, he has to solve a riddle of Shironeko, or he looses control to his demon for a period of time that grows as his power and forms advance.

Attacks: Rose Petal Storm: Pulling the triggers completely and holding them down, Johnathan unleashes a gigantic barrage of spirit bullets. They explode on impact. A normal human could never aim so many bullets - but after all, he was once a Quincy.
Rose Thorn Blast: Charging up energy in the guns with his Quincy powers, but without pulling the triggers, letting the weapons store up more and more energy. Once the triggers are pulled, two stronger bullets will burst out, increase in size after leaving the guns, and explode with great spiritual force upon impact. In Final Form, through his wings, the charging process is way faster.
Eternal Rose Shield: Turning Seele Schneider into a shield of vibrating energy, as formerly stated. This shield can increase or decrease in size at the will of the user - the bigger the shield, the weaker the impact protection on the points where it is actually hit, so it's a gamble.

Control: 6 - A cat doesn't like to be controlled. But it apreciates a strong, kind and confident friend.

Ziamichi Class: [A Class]

Drawbacks:[/b] Using the power to much can exhaust both body, spirit and, most importantly, the 'imagination' of the user, the third power Shironeko uses. If the imagination is currently low, it will be hard to come up with battle strategies, think like the enemy would think, and the empathy of Jonathan lowers greatly. Just like spiritual power, it regenerates itself, but Walker can't absorb it from anywhere.
The drawbacks after a control loss are more severe. Great muscle pain in the whole body, headaches that can last some days and inability to use Shironeko again for some time - but she can still try to take over his body a second time, should she want. Regnerating spiritual energy is also difficult because of the headaches, aiming the bow nearly impossible. Jonathan nearly always takes some meds against pain with him, even stronger stuff like Morphine - an addiction is very well possible if to many takeovers happen in short succession, because even after just one, every single muscle in his body hurts like it snapped.

Roleplay Sample: Slowly, a rather gigantic figure got out of the big crowds of the main streets. Karakura Town was busy as always, with the usual spirits floating around, but no Hollow in viewing range, but that wasn't surprising. After all, the tall young man was heading straight towards the shop of Urahara, one of the strongest Shinigami alive. He wasn't easy to read, but not a bad guy - he had the full respect of the Quincy.
So, let me get this straight. You want to go to him to ask for... THAT?
'Yeah, I know it sounds stupid. But do you know anyone else who could help us find him? Kisuke-san knows about nearly anything that's going on around here. It has been a rather long time since my last visit of Karakura Town.'
Couldn't be helped. Your mother died, after all.
'Thanks for reminding me, I nearly forgot.' Rather angry, he was now silent in his head. His mother never recovered from the loss of her husband, and finally, found some peace in death.
But now, he was finally at the small store, and seemingly no one was inside. That didn't start to well. "Hello? Kisuke-san?" Walker raised his voice, so that the Shinigami could hear him if he was inside, but no one appeared inside the shop room. Looking around, he pulled out some rather strange looking candy.
"Window shopping?" The sudden voice nearly made the Quincy jump through the roof. He didn't notice anything to indicate that the owner had appeared. "You shouldn't try that out, though. Being seperated from your body isn't anything a Ziamichi should try out." Why he knew it already? Well, it was Urahara. Was there ever anything he didn't know? "So, what brings you here?"
Putting the candy back where it belonged, Jonathan replied. "It has been quite some time since I was in the city. I am searching for an old... friend, you could say. Do you have any idea where I could find Urufu?"

Quincy Powers: Hierenkayu, or however you write the Flash Step esque of the Quincy, is one of Jonathans specialities, combined with his dexterity, he can do some pretty neat jumps. Other than that, he knows how to use Seele Schneider a bit, but no Silver Tubes are at his disposal. He could learn him, but simply doesn't want to bother with it.

Bow Description: His normal bow is a blue, kinda metallic looking longbow that appears out of a cruzifix made out of the purest silver. For costumized weapons, see Forms.

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Approved. 1-2+


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Ziamichi Skill Level: Control: Advanced
Skill level: Marksmanship: Adept
Skill level: Reiatsu/Reiryoku absorbtion: Advanced
Skill level: Quincy tools: Adept
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Jonathan Walker
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