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The Plot
The ho'hum feeling of life has overcome the chaotic style of living that was active around Earth after the larger-then-life battle with Lord Ender; Which revealed the existence of Shinigami, Hollows and even demons. The madness which had happened in Japan had spread like a virus all throughout the world. Luckily, though, before the insanity could even reach a high level; The Soul Society sent out many diplomatic figures throughout the world of the living.

Each of these diplomatic people were sent out to calm the public, work with local and national governments, stop riots from taking place and to stop any human from foolishly going after a shinigami, hollow or demon. Eventually, the world simply got use to the existence of these creatures and let their governments, along with the Gotei 13, handle these things. Of course their were a number of organizations who were against this and had their own dark agenda, but the Governments of the world would stop these people easily with the help of shinigami.

Yes, yes. The normal way of life would prevail eventually. The only difference now is that humans were more aware of their surroundings and more cautious of these beings.

But this is only temporary... There is still much evil yet to be unleashed on the world... There are still many battles to be fought, many people to be killed, many lifes to be forever changed. It may be peaceful for the moment, but all of this will soon change.

Kin Iramasha, founder and leader of the Kokuryuteshi, intends to start a war with the Soul Society. First, they will gather enough members in their army to fight against The Iramasha on Iramasha Island. Their forces will be great and in many numbers, that's when the Iramasha will upon the Gotei 13, The Suigara clan and the Karakura Defenders for assistance with this threat. That's when the mother of all brawls will happen upon Iramasha Island and throughout the Soul Society since the Gotei 13 believes Kin and his followers are too much of threat and need to die.

He also intends to convert everyone to his army either by force or a mass version of Chaos Soul; killing anyone resisting his will. After that, he intends to wipe out the Soul Society, Earth, Demon World and Hueco Mundo. Once that is completed he will have his armies rebuild the worlds in his own image.

But that's not the worse of it. He's also aiming to destroy other worlds, galaxies, universes and even Alternative Dimensions in order to spread his army even further and give everyone in power their own world.

He and Andrei, Commander of military Operations and Kin's right hand man, have also been experimenting on creating their own realms and planets as well just incase they have to destroy everything.

But Andrei simply wants to destroy everything, unlike Kin. Which is where problems will arise later on as well.

And that's not the only threat looming over the horizon for humanity...

Sensing the tension in the Soul Society, Demons will begin to strike Earth and Hueco Mundo. Hueco Mundo will be a secondary target due them needing more space to house their expanding race. However, the main reason they are invading Earth is to un-seal their King, Touketsu, from the body of Ketsu and free his pets; Oni Chiita, Kutogatshi annd many others selaed inside Ziamichi's.

However, there is a reason why he is still the king of demon world even though he is sealed. He's promised the Demons Immortal life after the eradication of all over beings on Earth. How would he do this? Well, he knows for certain that death has a physical body now and knows how to tap into that power.

There are TRILLIONS of souls just waiting to be free'd or used in the wrong way inside of this mother fucker. Although it isn't anything like a human, hollow, demon or any type of body we know.

And only Touketsu knows where it is sealed. Touketsu was also once apart of Death as well. He wanted to see what it was like to tap into that power thousands of years ago. ...and even he said it was too much for him to do. The agony, insaity and depersation of those souls were so intense it nearly drove him to insanity from their sheer will. He would have to come back when he was stronger.

From all sides, it seems Earth is racing towards a destation with death.

Which side will prevail?

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In The Thread, "Clash of Titants", there is currently a major threat of Radiation spreading throughout some of the Seireitei due to the on-going spar with 0 Division Member, Ceon Clixx, and Former Vice Captain of Kenpachi Zaraki and Biological Experimentation of KJ: Radioactive. There is also a major Category 5 Hurricane to be worried about as well forming from Ceon Clixx.

During the battle Radioactive used an attack he hadn't used in awhile. To sum it all up, it's basically a miniature nuclear explosion going on within the Gotei 13's boundaries.

It should also be noted Radioactive was used as a walking, breathing, fighting nuclear weapon during the war against the Quincies thanks to the mad scienteist, KJ Yunashi. Thanks to the modifications to his body he was able to help in the extermination of Quincies with the Gotei 13.

Will anyone be able stop these two from destroying everything for the sake of fun or will they eventually finish each other off? For now, if your not at least on 0 tier, it's better to stand back and watch this battle from afar. Anyone under 0 tier will be more prone to die if they enter this battlefield.

So you've been warned.

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 Stroll around the districts of Rukongai

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PostSubject: Stroll around the districts of Rukongai   Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:53 pm

Yukiko Yami
Lieutenant of Division 2.

'Clack clack clack clack.' sounds echoed at late at night. All the shops were closed and the owners along with the by-passers were fast asleep. More sounds of walking came even louder. Who could be up at this time of night one should wonder. Why it was none other than the vice captain of squad 2. The serious and silent girl, the one know one but Tsubine really knew about. She was not int her regular uniform though, instead more of a modern attire. Though she still kept her long silky red scarf flowing behind her. On her was a black shirt, fishnets on the collar of it. She also wore black skinny jeans and a studded belt that hung down to the right.

Her amber eyes darted around the empty shops and district. She still wore red eyeliner however, making her eyes, or rather her visible eye, come out. Her right eye was still blocked by her hair as usual. She never changed her hair style at all. Thinking it was too time consuming.

Her hands with in her pockets as she walked through. Yukiko continued darting her eyes around, cautiously. It was like she was watching this place, though she walked to a snack shop that was still open and bought some packs of pocky. Her favorite flavor Chocolate, she had adored this sweet treat. She glanced at the shop keeper and made a small smile as she paid him. Though the rumors of her being cruel because of her living with Tsubine and being in the same sector as him were not true. She was infact very kind to everyone. Though she never do show it a lot anyways. Normally having on a blank face only Tsubine could read.

Opening up one of the box, she opened up the package as well then pulled out the biscuit stick that was halfway dipped in chocolate and placed it in her mouth, some of it sticking out as she munched on it and enjoying the cool breeze that night had brought by and the beautiful bright moon with twinkling stars as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Stroll around the districts of Rukongai   Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:08 pm

Heero leaned against the wall after an intense night time training session. His shihaksho pulled down around his waist revealing his upper body to the cool night time air. He pulled a piece of strawberry pocky from his bag and put it in his mouth savoring the rich yet delicate flavor. He looked up at the sky while eating the piece of pocky slowly wondering who he was before he became a shinigami. He slowly finished the pocky before taking another and placing it in his mouth. "It really is a beautiful night!" he said with some enthusiasm to himself. The streets were usually vacant this time of night, which Heero liked due to the fact that it was peaceful and it was the perfect time to train and get stronger.
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PostSubject: Re: Stroll around the districts of Rukongai   Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:47 pm

Yukiko Yami


She continued to investigate the empty district as she came onto the area where Heero relaxing. She studied him a little with her serious but warm eyes. Yukiko figured he was done with training, but why so late she wondered. She noticed he also had a pocky stick in his mouth and chuckled a little at it, as she still had hers. Though it was dimishing quickly as she continued to munch on it.

She looked and him and smiled softly, speaking in a soft voice, as if it was like it was never used. "What are you doing up so late of the night?" She questioned, wondering why he would be up this late. She shouldn't have been either but she couldn't sleep. She just needed to walk around to clear her head before sleep will envelop her.
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PostSubject: Re: Stroll around the districts of Rukongai   Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:59 pm

He looked at the women a little confused as to why she was out so late it was very uncommon for Heero to see anyone during his midnight bankai training sessions. He had hoped she hadn't felt the immense reitsu amount his bankai gave off. "I was training for one day I do wish to obtain the title of Taichou." He said in a bland tone as if to ward off interest. He finished the pocky again and pulled out another stick holding it lightly up to his mouth before taking a bite. "And why are you out so late?" he asked inquisitively which was quite a normal behavior for him. He stared at her waiting for a response while munching on his strawberry pocky.
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PostSubject: Re: Stroll around the districts of Rukongai   

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Stroll around the districts of Rukongai
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