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The Plot
The ho'hum feeling of life has overcome the chaotic style of living that was active around Earth after the larger-then-life battle with Lord Ender; Which revealed the existence of Shinigami, Hollows and even demons. The madness which had happened in Japan had spread like a virus all throughout the world. Luckily, though, before the insanity could even reach a high level; The Soul Society sent out many diplomatic figures throughout the world of the living.

Each of these diplomatic people were sent out to calm the public, work with local and national governments, stop riots from taking place and to stop any human from foolishly going after a shinigami, hollow or demon. Eventually, the world simply got use to the existence of these creatures and let their governments, along with the Gotei 13, handle these things. Of course their were a number of organizations who were against this and had their own dark agenda, but the Governments of the world would stop these people easily with the help of shinigami.

Yes, yes. The normal way of life would prevail eventually. The only difference now is that humans were more aware of their surroundings and more cautious of these beings.

But this is only temporary... There is still much evil yet to be unleashed on the world... There are still many battles to be fought, many people to be killed, many lifes to be forever changed. It may be peaceful for the moment, but all of this will soon change.

Kin Iramasha, founder and leader of the Kokuryuteshi, intends to start a war with the Soul Society. First, they will gather enough members in their army to fight against The Iramasha on Iramasha Island. Their forces will be great and in many numbers, that's when the Iramasha will upon the Gotei 13, The Suigara clan and the Karakura Defenders for assistance with this threat. That's when the mother of all brawls will happen upon Iramasha Island and throughout the Soul Society since the Gotei 13 believes Kin and his followers are too much of threat and need to die.

He also intends to convert everyone to his army either by force or a mass version of Chaos Soul; killing anyone resisting his will. After that, he intends to wipe out the Soul Society, Earth, Demon World and Hueco Mundo. Once that is completed he will have his armies rebuild the worlds in his own image.

But that's not the worse of it. He's also aiming to destroy other worlds, galaxies, universes and even Alternative Dimensions in order to spread his army even further and give everyone in power their own world.

He and Andrei, Commander of military Operations and Kin's right hand man, have also been experimenting on creating their own realms and planets as well just incase they have to destroy everything.

But Andrei simply wants to destroy everything, unlike Kin. Which is where problems will arise later on as well.

And that's not the only threat looming over the horizon for humanity...

Sensing the tension in the Soul Society, Demons will begin to strike Earth and Hueco Mundo. Hueco Mundo will be a secondary target due them needing more space to house their expanding race. However, the main reason they are invading Earth is to un-seal their King, Touketsu, from the body of Ketsu and free his pets; Oni Chiita, Kutogatshi annd many others selaed inside Ziamichi's.

However, there is a reason why he is still the king of demon world even though he is sealed. He's promised the Demons Immortal life after the eradication of all over beings on Earth. How would he do this? Well, he knows for certain that death has a physical body now and knows how to tap into that power.

There are TRILLIONS of souls just waiting to be free'd or used in the wrong way inside of this mother fucker. Although it isn't anything like a human, hollow, demon or any type of body we know.

And only Touketsu knows where it is sealed. Touketsu was also once apart of Death as well. He wanted to see what it was like to tap into that power thousands of years ago. ...and even he said it was too much for him to do. The agony, insaity and depersation of those souls were so intense it nearly drove him to insanity from their sheer will. He would have to come back when he was stronger.

From all sides, it seems Earth is racing towards a destation with death.

Which side will prevail?

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In The Thread, "Clash of Titants", there is currently a major threat of Radiation spreading throughout some of the Seireitei due to the on-going spar with 0 Division Member, Ceon Clixx, and Former Vice Captain of Kenpachi Zaraki and Biological Experimentation of KJ: Radioactive. There is also a major Category 5 Hurricane to be worried about as well forming from Ceon Clixx.

During the battle Radioactive used an attack he hadn't used in awhile. To sum it all up, it's basically a miniature nuclear explosion going on within the Gotei 13's boundaries.

It should also be noted Radioactive was used as a walking, breathing, fighting nuclear weapon during the war against the Quincies thanks to the mad scienteist, KJ Yunashi. Thanks to the modifications to his body he was able to help in the extermination of Quincies with the Gotei 13.

Will anyone be able stop these two from destroying everything for the sake of fun or will they eventually finish each other off? For now, if your not at least on 0 tier, it's better to stand back and watch this battle from afar. Anyone under 0 tier will be more prone to die if they enter this battlefield.

So you've been warned.

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 The Graveyard scene

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PostSubject: The Graveyard scene   Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:35 pm

It was the dead of night on this day in Karakura town. The wind was blowing nicely with a cool breeze adn things were all quiet. Tsuna had come down again from Angel Island, skipping his duties and hanging around town. However today he decided to take a small detour. He didn't really like coming to the graveyard, for some reason it always reminded him of death. However he had his reasons for coming here. Everyone has lost someone in their life time and Tsuna had lived a long time. He had a few friends that were buried here and sometimes he felt it was needed to come by and visit their graves. Of course he hates doing these kinds of things during the day. he doesn't exactly like people to see any kind of vulnerable side to him.

Tsuna walked into the grave site and stood in the middle of the yard. The fog began to roll over which created a pretty creepy feeling. Man why does this always happen when i come here. He looked at all the graves around him. All the people that have died trying to help. All were human, stupid but at the same time his friends. Tsuna looked at them with a mournful face and stepped back a little. Tsuna stood underneath the sakura tree and pulled out his flute. He doesn't play this instrument very often. He thinks that it's tune is a little too sad but fot this occasion it was good.

He began to play a tune, one of the songs that he really enjoyed to play when he was lamenting.

When the song was over tsuna looked at the sakura tree. It's flowers were blowing a bright pink now. Tsuna had weavers a little power into that song. It seemed to have an affect on plants and it was something that Tsuna had never forgotten. the fog in the area had cleared. Tsuna was about to leave when he heard something rustling. "Now what could that be?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard scene   Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:56 pm


Some people liked to say that music was a universal language, a hypnotic use of wordless communication that any creature, big or small, could relate to and understand. As it drifted upon a silent breeze that caressed leaves and caused the short blades of grass to bow low, it seemed to reach out to anyone who would listen. It was sad and haunting in tone but somehow seemed to lift the spirit as it carefully wound its way around gravestones and shrines dedicated to those long gone. It was a song of hope if anything, one not meant to bring sadness, but instead to reach across the two plains of existence and touch the hearts and minds of friends and family who had long since passed on. Rising and falling in graceful tambour and trill, it spoke to the forces of nature and stilled the world in its wake until the graveyard and elements fell into complete and utter silence.

There was only the sound of the song and it was this sound that awakened a creature who had been fast asleep among the grasses of the cemetery’s edge. Even from there, her ears picked up the sweet embrace of the music and stirred her like the gentle hands of nature calling her forward. The tiny fox stood, her ears turned forward with a cautious sense of alert. One push of her powerful back legs and she was perched upon one of the gravestones.

And from there it was as easy as stepping stones…

One by one, she leapt across the polished marble of the heads, stopping only to target the source of the sweet melody that carried her forward through the night. It was like traveling through a dream, drawn to a force more powerful than herself that eventually led her to a tree that shaded a row of graves that she rarely saw anyone visit. Chinchuro spent a lot of time in the graveyard, especially at night, and the sight of another standing in the shadow were the moonlight could not touch made her pause and blink her large blue eyes. From here, she curved her path until it led her to a low hanging branch among delicate blossoms and leaves just above the stranger’s head. For a moment, she only listened and took in the song, but when it ended, she allowed herself to look down once more.

As if by magic, the flowers seemed to shimmer with an unseen magic and the man was turning to leave. In a way, she didn’t want him to leave. She wanted to see his face, to know him and understand the song he had played on that empty, soundless night. Chinchuro stood, but a bit too fast for her own liking. Her foot faltered, caught by a smaller branch that shifted suddenly and rustled leaves and flowers with her sudden weight and all the silence was shattered. Knowing it was useless to remain in hiding, she jumped down from the tree and settled onto the ground, sitting with her tail flicking absently behind her.

“Far too lovely a song to be played in the solitude of this place,”

She spoke though her mouth did not move. She remained as she was, a tiny fox with eyes as piercing as the moon that hung overhead and watched the man with quiet curiosity.
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard scene   Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:37 pm

The rustling was coming from the tree which he played the song to. the one who had made the sound was a a small animal. She seemed to have been there for a while and saw everything. At first that she was a demon but something was different. he didn't exactly understand but it wasn't too bad. Now it was only the two of them and things were quiet unless one fo them spoke. tsuna was a brown skin man who,looked to be around 17 but obviously he was older than that. His expression showed the pain of someone who had lived for many years and the way things were going he was gooing to live alot longer. The graves that he was visiting were those of friends long gone. every time one of his friends died he would build a grave for them right under the sakura tree that he had planted. It had been many years sincehe did and the tree to magnificently. Tsuna could only look up at the tree and smile. He planted it in memory of his friends and he responds to him everytime he plays this song. A melody only he can play. A beautiful song that will touch the hearts of those in the area. It attracts the attention of everything around and they wil respond. Of course this was another one of the reason Tsuna didn't like visiting during the day. the crowd would have been way to big.

The sound usually carriesa good distance and well I'm sure you can imagine. tsuna likes attention but only when he is in a good mood. However there are just times he wishes a little bit of solitude. he looked at the animal who had appeared before him. He smiled a little at her comment.

"This place is more lively than it may appear"

Tsuna said this in refernce to the sakura tree he planted. Thhis tree had been his friend for many of years and it's leaves were still glowing bright pink. There was a legend about this tree. A Legend that Tsuna had helped create.

"When the melody sounds in the dead of night
The maiden responds when it is in the sight
Of the master of that of whom she loves
plays within the dreary night sky
And says farewell with her glowing pride
As once again he must say goodbye
With outstretched standing bold
He leaves like the sight of an Angel for all to behold"

Tsuna looked at her. Whatever this creature was she definitely wasn't human. at least not anymore. Tsuna was wearing a suit. The coat was unbuttoned. He wore no tie. the first button of his under shirt was un buttoned and white. He didn't wear this to mourn or anything. It was a little like business casual. he liked the way it looked on him. "have you every heard that verse?" tsuna said looking at her. It was a legend taht spoke of a night like this when tsuna would come and play the song he dedicated to his friends. the blooming flowers would blow in the dead of night and people who saw it would come to the graveyard. Sometimes they would Tsuna's figure as his wings would burst from his back and he would leave the area back to Angel island. "Huh these kinds of thing s make you wonder if all legends are true or just some of them." Tsuna said. he bgan to think that everythign has an explanation. whether or not they are meant to be known is up to the creator. "I would ask what you are doing here but then again today it seems that I am the guest. If this is your domain I must apologize for my intrusion."
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard scene   Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:57 pm

And she smiled back.

It was an odd sort of expression, one that spoke a thousand words simply through her eyes and body alone and as she watched him, those eyes seemed to study him with intense focus. Somehow, animals always seemed to see much more than a human ever could.

The tiny fox let its white tail come to rest around her legs, protecting her from the cold that was starting to settle over the earth with each passing moment and tilted her tiny head to one side as she pondered over the boy before her. “I have not, I am afraid…” He spoke very eloquently for someone out to mourn in the dead of night and in a way it was humbling. Mourning did not always have to be sad, after all. Even now, as she stood amongst what many would call a land of death, she herself agreed with the boy that there was a certain amount of life lighting this place from within. Nothing was truly dead, after all, but merely slumbering until the day it would help bring new life to the world it once inhabited. From the soil would someday burst life, much like the tree towering above them like a watchful mother.

“But legends were made to inspire hope and belief in those who hear them. It matters not if they are true.

Large eyes blinked slowly as she thought this over. She herself was a legend in her own right as was everyone in the world. One may not remember their names of if the things they did ever made a difference but here in the silence of the graveyard, everyone was equal in remembrance and legend. It was why she wandered here so often, reading names and prayers for people who had left their loved ones behind to continue life somewhere else. It was interesting to think what their life had been like in comparison to her own.

Absently, Chinchuro scratched behind her ear with her back foot and then flicked said ears as if to return them to full attention. “I have no claim to this place no matter how at home I feel here. I am neither mourning, nor a spirit…at least, as far as I know.” Once again, she smiled and the wind seemed to laugh with her as it rustled the branches above and sent a few stray petals drifting to the earth.

“I am Chinchuro, a pleasure to meet you.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard scene   Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:19 pm

"The names Tsunayoshi Iramasha, but most just cal me Tsuna, it's a pleasure to meet you as well" tsuan said. Interesting enough it didn't seem to odd talking to an animal. Atleast that is what he guessed it to be anyway. This creature could talk but for some reason it wasn't odd. As if there were something else about it that made it ok. In fact the creature in a way amused him. "huh, humans, such fragile creatures" Tsuna said with a somewhat distant smirk on his face. "they die so easily, they mourn their dead, and tey move on with their lives as if nothing ever happened" tsuan said. By the amount of graves in this area you could get an idea of how many that he has lost. "But how many friends can you lose before it comes to the point where you can't move on" tsuan continued. he was no where near taht point. He comes by this time every year to play hsi song of Lament so he is able to leave it behind him. "I wonder if they would keep living or take their own life out of grief"
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard scene   Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:42 pm

She had no answer to that.

Chinchuro had never lost anyone herself to the horrible hands of death, but she had indeed seen many others pass through the many graves as if they were ghosts themselves. They were always so quiet, their face solemn and their skin pale. She couldn’t even come close to quite understanding what they were going through, but somehow her heart always went out to them. She’d seen spirits that they couldn’t see wandering about and it always saddened her to know that they themselves couldn’t see them. Perhaps seeing them that one last time would allow them to understand that they would never be gone. Hearts, minds, and memories were all that were needed to keep them alive.

Even this boy seemed to at least partially understand this. While there was a trace amount of sadness in his eyes, he did not seem consumed by grief like many others. Humans were indeed weak but, in a sense, it was their ability to grieve openly that made them strong. A strong heart was important after all.

“We all have our limits I suppose. Be we human or not…”

As if to prove this, her form began to shift. A blaze of fire of sapphire blue sprang up and from it emerged a young woman, half fox, half human. Her hands were linked within the sleeves of her white and red kimono and her hair fell over the front of her shoulders in blonde, twin waterfalls that matched the tail moving quietly from side to side. Chinchuro rather preferred to be eye to eye (or at least close to) with those she spoke with and felt even in this form. He was no longer talking down to her, they were no longer to separate creatures of the earth, they were equals in the land of the living.
“And it is those limits that we must stretch in order to find out full potential. I see you yourself have not reached that edge quite yet despite your loses.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard scene   Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:05 pm

"Having the ability to feel sadness is something that a strong person must have" tsuan said. "emotions are somethign that everyone has, you can't be happy if you were never sad, because if you were always happy then there would come a point where you would have to ask what being happy really means" Tsuan continued. teh little creature changed right ebfore his eyes into a woman about his height. he wasn't startled but instead began to speak eye to eye with her. " A limit is something that everyone has but reaching that limit is not something one should seek. true if you reach it an survive you will become strong. of course not physically, however if you can't you'll be destroyed. You'll end up breaking yourself and that is not a pretty sight." Tsuna looked at her and waited for a response. the way this situation had come about you would think it were a play. Neither of them were surprised by the tohers responses and the conversation between the two almost seemed as if these were thoughts that were just waiting to be expressed.
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard scene   Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:21 pm

“And in the end, it is all for the sake of living until your final day…”

The statement came as a sad truth in her eyes. There in the midst of hundreds who had died for whatever reason or cause, she knew that there was little reason for what transpired in the world. You lived to die. There were no two ways about it. Even she, a being who had faced death and lived many times, could honestly say that she awaited the morning when she would not wake up. It was not for fear of death, but simply for the fact that it would happen one way or another.

She placed a hand upon the top of a nearby stone, fingertips running lightly across the smooth surface as if contemplating the life it marked. The night had grown darker, shadows growing and reaching out from every corner and swallowing the touches of moonlight that managed to escape the tangle of trees and buildings off in the distance. Cold wind caused her hair to shift a bit off her shoulder and tucked a strand back in absent though. Sometimes she wondered why she felt so drawn to this place when it was filled with such sadness.

Her eyes returned to his, suddenly filled with a sorrow she could not seem to place.

Perhaps it was simply her owns thoughts coming to the surface or some deep personal matter she had driven back, but either way, her eyes glossed lightly with tears that she quickly swept away upon her sleeve. She was thinking far too much for her own good. Wordlessly, she took a few steps toward the tree and placed her hand upon its mighty trunk. It felt as if time would never pass for that tree and, by some magic or another, that it might stand guard over the dead for centuries to come. A part of her hoped that would be true.

“It is why we guard our hearts so carefully. We wish to escape emotion and find a common ground where we do not feel weak for fearing something we cannot control. Perhaps it is better to move on in the end….and avoid heartbreak all together.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard scene   Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:50 pm

"taht may be where our opinions on the matter differ. You should never forget the pain. Knowing the pain helps you grow. what shouldn't be done is dwelling in it" Tsuan continued as he turned and watched her plave her hand on the tree. the petals began to fall form the tree illuminating the area with their glow. "you shoudl never try to escape emotion. Your pain makes you strong. Dwelling on your pain leaves you vulnerable. it's a double edged sword, whether you decide to use it on yourself or not is somethign only you can choose." Tsuan said as he outstreched his hand and caught on of the glowing petals.
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard scene   Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:17 pm

She watched the petal fall into his open palm and smiled…

For a stranger she had met by sheer chance in the middle of an empty graveyard, they seemed to be very alike in thought and mind. Most of the people she knew would be far ahead of such conversations, instead living in what they thought to be the future and what occurred in the present. Did no one think of the past anymore or perhaps stop to think about something far more complex than time itself? It seemed unlikely yet, here she was, having just such a moment with a man who had come by only to remember and forget something deep and personal at the same time. It was indeed a relief to see that she was not as alone as she might have thought.

“For a man wandering amongst the dead by himself, you certainly have a lot on your mind.”
She gave a light chuckle and then settled down beneath the looming shadow of the tree, her tail wrapping around her legs and her back resting against the strong support of the tree’s base. She’d always liked this tree and how it never seemed to lose it luster even when winter stripped it of its leaves and flowers. Had she known it meant a lot to another, she might have appreciated it a bit more.

“When I followed your song, I did not expect to find someone as deep as yourself.”

It was a compliment to say the least. Looking at Tsuna, Chinchuro found herself able to smile and feel a bit more at ease than she had in the past. Perhaps she may not know him, but he emanated an aura of subtle friendship about him and she found herself enjoying his company. During days when it seemed like no one in the world saw things as she did, she would have liked to have this man around.
“But then again, by the way you played, I should have known.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Graveyard scene   

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The Graveyard scene
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